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Meet Sponsee

We're a complete free-to-use platform that brings 
Sponsors (businesses) and Sponsees (influencers) together. 

How ? By using a proprietary digital contract system that is securely integrated into the chat interface. Users can build and deploy binding digital agreements, as well as assess potential partners by ratings and reviews from past collaborations.

We are taking influencer marketing to the next level.

Free-for-all Marketplace

Skip the middleman and third party fees with an app that connects you directly to a sponsor or sponsee, with absolutely no hidden charges.

Digital Contract System

Form contracts with a digital system that's flexible, secure and multiphase. Sponsors can customise contracts not only with cash payouts but also product-based sponsorships.

Dispute Resolution

If conflicts arise between sponsors and sponsees, our dispute resolution mechanism will come into play and evidence from both parties will be fairly evaluated.

Who is this app for?


Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, you'll be sure to find the right influencer to collaborate with on this international app.

Reach out to influencers around the world!
Skip the intermediaries and third party fees
Form fuss-free contracts instantly  


Regardless of how big your social media following is, you'll find a brand that's the perfect fit. Welcome to the one platform influencers rely on to grow their personal brand.

Fast and easy gigs
Grow your personal brand
Protect yourself with digital contracts 

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Saffron Sharpe,
@saffronsharpe (191K followers)

My first impressions for Sponsee is the easy to use interface. There are tons of jobs available for Singaporean influencers which is great since most platforms on the market cater to US/European influencers! This would be a great application for people who are interested to make some money while juggling other responsibilities!

@_jxxi (36.6K followers)

App is easy to use and navigate! Very clear and simple. Shows content creators & brands based on their category 👍🏻

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