Sponsee Team

Social media has become an integral part of brand marketing strategy, which is why businesses collaborate with influencers to promote their products. Unfortunately,  many small businesses may not be able to  afford macro-influencers because of budget constraints. That’s why the best solution is for these businesses to collaborate with local or micro-influencers who generate higher engagement on average.


1. Find the influencers in your niche 

Scroll through social media platforms and check your follower list to search for potential micro-influencers who could be interested in your brand. Now you need to scan through their profiles to ensure that the content they create is related to your niche. If it is, you can approach them with your offer. If you’re looking for a fee-free platform that allows businesses to connect with influencers easily, check out the Sponsee app (

2. Research with hashtags 

Local hashtag research can help you find relevant local influencers. Besides Twitter and Instagram, you can also use Google to research relevant keywords for your niche and discover new posts and influencers using the hashtags. 

3. Reach out to influencers 

Once your influencer  list is ready, approach them with the offer. Sell them your brand story and narrative, as well as, the crucial question of what’s in it for them.  Give them an offer that they can't refuse and ask them to review your product online. You can also consider offering them an exclusive discount code for your products or providing commission-based incentives for every sale. 

4. Craft  a win-win proposal

Provide a  clear description of goals and expected outcomes of the collaboration. Give influencers a reason to look forward to collaborating with you and keep your offer exciting. Finally, end the proposal with a call-to-action and schedule a chat to work out the details. The Sponsee App allows you to instantly draft and create contracts between sponsors and sponsees. 

5. Follow up

It’s important to follow up with influencers. Most of the time, influencers may not get back to you immediately, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in collaboration. . So wait for a couple of days, and if you still haven’t received a reply from them, then send a follow-up mail. Do this twice or thrice before moving on to the next partner on your list. 

Of course, finding the right influencers takes time and effort. That’s why we created Sponsee, the world’s first fee-free marketplace connecting sponsors (businesses) and sponsees (influeners). Find out more: