Simple ways you can support small businesses

Sponsee Team

Simple ways you can support small businesses

Small businesses have been in the marketplace for ages. Did you know that there are approximately 400 million SMEs around the world? 

But ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, our lifestyle, work, business, and almost every other thing has taken a step back. Likewise, many small businesses have scaled down. Keeping afloat in difficult economic times is challenging and SMEs play an important role in supporting their local communities.

Now’s our time to show our support for these small businesses, be it a clothing boutique, home bakery or even a florist. Every small business relies on the relationships they have with all of their customers, which fosters a thriving economy and community.

Many of us have settled into this ‘new normal’ but somehow things like supporting a small business may have faded away. Fortunately, it’s never too late with these few simple ways to help and support small businesses.

  • Go vocal for local businesses
Although it’s very easy to shop from global brands, it’s about time that we shop locally and invest our money in our community. Take a little time out during your next shopping spree and support a local business. 

  • Recommend your friends and family
Let’s not underestimate the power  of word of mouth. Talking about a local jewelry store and recommending them to friends and family will help them to get new customers.

  • A positive review is a game changer
Reviews about customer service and products are very useful as brands can get a loyalty check, attract prospective clients and also help new customers in their purchasing decisions. Make someone’s day by leaving a review on their website or social media pages.

  • Post a pic and give a shout-out
You can support local businesses through social media as well by posting  a picture of local brands and tagging them in it. This helps brands reach out to a larger audience online. 

During these unprecedented times, let’s give back to the community by supporting 

the SMEs and the jobs they create.

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